Supervising PHD

Since  2003 Gaudenzio Meneghesso supervise 18 PhD students.

Completed PhD:

LEVADA Simone (Jan.03 – Dec. 05 XVIII-ciclo); Title: “Characterization and reliability study of visible and ultraviolet LED”

TAZZOLI Augusto (Jan.04 – Dec. 06 XIX-ciclo); Title: “Electrostatic Discharge Effects on Microelectronics and Micro-Electro-Mechanic Devices”

MONTEMEZZO Nicola (Jan.04 – Dec. 06 – Nicola XIX-ciclo); Title: “EMC at Chip Level: Immunity Improvements On A Bandgap Voltage Reference”

DANESIN, Francesca (Jan.06 – Dec. 08  XXI-ciclo); Title: “Development of Gallium Nitride HEMT: Electrical Characterization, modelling and reliability assessment”

PERETTI, Vanni (Gen.06 – Dec.08  XXI-ciclo); Title: “Development of Reliable RF-MEMS Switches for Antennas and Space Application”

ZANON, Franco (Jan.06 – Dec.08  XXI-ciclo); Title: “Hybrid substrates employment for the development of Gallium Nitride HEMT: study of reliability and failure modes”

GRIFFONI, Alessio (Jan.07 – Dec.09  XXII-ciclo); Title: ” Ionizing radiation effects and ESD in advanced CMOS devices”

MARINO, Fabio Alessio (Jan.07 – Dec.09 XXII-ciclo); Title: “Advanced simulation methods for new devices development and characterization”

AUTIZI     Enrico (Jan.08 – Dec.10  XXIII-ciclo); Title: ” Electrical Characterization, modelling and reliability assessment of RF-MEMS Switches for Antennas and Space Application”

TRIVELLIN, Nicola (Jan.08 – Dec.10 XXIII-ciclo); Title: “Characterization and reliability of new generation GaN optoelectronic devices”

STOCCO, Antonio (Jan 09 – Dec 2011 XXIV-ciclo); Title: “Reliability and failure mechanisms of GaN HEMT devices suitable for high-frequency and high-power applications”

RONCHI, Nicolò (Jan 2009 – Dec 2011 XXIV-ciclo); Title: “An investigation of defects and reliability issues on Gallium Nitride Devices”

ZANANDREA Alberto (Gen. 2011 – Dic 2013, XXVI-ciclo);  Title: “Open Issues in GaN-based HEMTs: performances, parasitic and reliability“

DE SANTI Carlo (Gen. 2011 – Dic 2013, XXVI-ciclo); Title: “Degradation mechanisms of devices for optoelectronics and power electronics based on Gallium Nitride heterostructures”

BARBATO Marco (Gen. 2012 – Dic 2014, XXVII-ciclo); Title: “Characterization, modeling and reliability of RF MEMS Switches and Photovoltaic Silicon Solar Cells”

BISI Davide (Gen. 2012 – Dic 2014, XXVII-ciclo);  Title: “Characterization of Charge Trapping Phenomena in GaN-based HEMTs”

PhD running:

TAJALLI Alaleh, (Gen. 2016 – Doc. 2018, XXXI Ciclo); Title: “Characterization and study of reliability aspects in GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors”

BARBATO Alessandro (Gen. 2016 – Doc. 2018, XXXI Ciclo); Title “Reliability and dynamic properties of GaN devices”

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